Siobhan and Brian // West Cork Wedding

Some of us dream of a quiet, enduring love.  One that steadily marches on throughout the years, weathering storms and sun alike in placid, faithful silence.  And then there are those of us who want that long lasting dedication with a chaser of fun.  Those are the ones who dream of laughing their way through the years, bold as can be and up for most anything.  Most of us find someone, but to be with a person who will stand beside us to the end, holding our hand in the storm, laughing at the lightning, that is a rare gift.  A gift that Siobhán and Brian share.

They were destined to have a great story.  Siobhán, the damsel in distress, and Brian her knight in shining armour.

Well… Almost.

While at the University of Limerick, Siobhán took a chance, skipping on the long line for the ladies toilet and slipping into the men’s room. Another woman who had also skipped, accidentally trapped Siobhán’s fingers in the stall door unknowingly. Stuck in the men’s loo.  Fingers in peril.  No way out.  Enter our hero Brian, and the beginning of a magical connection.

On the day of the wedding, Siobhán reposed with the other women at her parents’ house in Clonakilty, sipping champagne and taking their time while the men prepared at the Dunmore House Hotel.  The lads were excitable and up for anything, creating a festive mood on the big day, even requesting a jumping photo!  While waiting at the alter for Siobhán, Brian was serenaded with a rendition of “I Will Wait”, by Mumford and Sons, to which the eager groom assured his fellows that he didn’t mind waiting for Siobhán.

Everyone met at Darrara Church for a lighthearted service, full of warmth, humour, and the evident connection between the happy couple.  Everyone was at ease, thanks to the good-natured priest performing the service and the relaxed excitement of Siobhán and Brian.

After the service it was off to Barry’s Bar in Ring for drinks and fun.  Siobhán did the honours of pulling a pint of Guinness and serving her new husband.  After that was a quick photo shoot at the Point in Inchydoney, braving the wind but enjoying the sunset.

Friends and family then gathered back at the Dunmore House for the reception.  The drinks flowed and laughter filled the halls.  The speeches were heartfelt, but the passion truly rose when the best men dove into a heated round of the Australian game, Dingbats, pitting table against table in a game of word association.  It was serious fun, sparking the competitors in the room and keeping everyone in stitches.

You dream of a lifelong connection.  If you are lucky, you find that person who will stand beside you forever.  If you are blessed, you find a best friend for life.

Siobhan and Brian
 // West Cork Wedding Photography


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Photographer – Casey Photography

Second Photographer – Majella O’Regan

Church Ceremony – Darrara church, Clonakilty

Reception Venue – Dunmore House Hotel, Clonakilty

Videographer- Colin Hickey

DJ- Joe Hodnett

Gown- Justin Alexander, Sincerity Collection

Band- The Laughing Shamrocks

Car – Brides brother!

Suits- Deepas Tailors , Dubai 

Make-up – Cathy Kingston, Clonakilty

Hair- The Jagged Edge , Clonakilty

Flowers – The flower basket, Clonakity 

Cake – Daisy chain cakes, Rachel Casey

Honeymoon- Japan

Bridesmaid dresses –  Ralph Lauren

West Cork Wedding Photography Locations, RingInchydoney PointDunmore House Hotel