About David

Photography has been a passion of mine all my life.

I have dedicated my life to creating lasting images of people in love. Every moment of the wedding process is exciting to me. I truly love being a wedding photographer, being surrounded by love and sharing in the happiest day of a couples life.

My images capture you at your most beautiful and will give you memories to treasure for a lifetime.

When you choose me to be your photographer, I promise you will not worry about your photography (or your photographer), I will be there for you, every step along the way, and especially on your wedding day. I promise to photograph your wedding as though it were my own. I promise that what is important to you will be important to me. I promise that the quality and service you receive will be the absolute best that I can do. You deserve nothing less.


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I’m so lucky to be father to four amazing children. They and my ever patient wife are my whole world.

Casey Photography Cork kerry Ireland Clare David Casey Blog fun weddings wedding photography-1000.jpg


I truly LOVE being a wedding photographer. I’m so grateful to the couples and their families who let me in to their lives for a day.

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I love to travel and am always up for any adventure.

Telling your story

Your story is unique and I will capture the uniqueness of your wedding day. When you look at your photographs you will feel the way you felt on your wedding day. You will be able to feel the connection between you and your partner. The pictures of family and friends will show the joy they felt for you.

Learn what makes you, you

It is important for me to get to know you before I can tell your story. I want to know all your plans for your big day, I’ll walk you through every step of your day and plan every detail. I will get to know what is important to you so I can do the best job possible. We do this so you can relax on your wedding day and just enjoy yourself.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

We will have a photo shoot to practice before we get to the big day. It helps you see how the day will go, and how easy it will be to produce gorgeous photographs for your special day. The photo shoot will only take thirty minutes and will give you peace of mind that your photos will be beautiful which will help you to relax in front of my camera.

Spend time with Family & Friends

Time with your family and friends is so important at such a special day. This is why I visit the shoot locations ahead of time and plan every image so we’ll be ready to create beautiful photographs and get you back to the celebrations. We plan for only a thirty or forty minute photo shoot, that is the time it takes to create enough beautiful images, and capture some candid ones in between and not feel too rushed.

Getting Your Pictures Fast

As I specialise in wedding photography, I will begin editing your photos the day after your wedding and aim to have them ready for you within four to six weeks.

A Unique Experience

I carry the most unique and luxurious albums in the world, the highest quality wall art and something a little different for your day itself. I love to offer couples something no one has ever see before.