Eleanor and James’s Wedding // Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe, County Clare Wedding

Love is a strange and wonderful thing, though as unpredictable as a lighting strike. You may see all the signs, and feel it in the air, but you never really know when or where it will hit. When it gets you, it’s always a surprise. Sometimes it’s the handsome and well-dressed gentleman across the room that gets you, or the beautiful smiling girl in the park. Sometimes it’s that one person who had always been there, waiting in the wings for the day that you realise your life has been incomplete without them.

And sometimes, it’s the bloke dressed as nun.

Eleanor and James met at a Halloween party. She was dressed as Belle, the intelligent, brave, loving heroine of the Beauty and the Beast story. James, as you have certainly guessed, was demonstrating an aptitude for playful irreverence on the night his life was changed forever.

Thus began a courtship that would join two hearts forever in their wonderful County Clare wedding.

Eleanor must have had a premonition that a proposal would eventually come. “I had told him he was never allowed propose on my birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day,” she said, “because those were days I’m meant to get a present and an engagement ring is not a present.” Well, after James took Eleanor to Cherry Tree in Killaloe for Valentine’s Day in 2012, he caught her completely by surprise. While on a garden walk after dinner, he asked her the question that would change their lives from that point forward.

The day of their wedding was steeped in history for the two; especially so for Eleanor. From the church, which held strong significance for Eleanor’s family, to the woods and fishing piers of Two Mile Gate, Lough Derg, each location drew upon and highlighted the history that was not only being made that day but the history that the couple was inheriting through the union.

The church was brought to life with the flowers and candles and decorations prepared and placed by Eleanor’s family. Not only was everything about the day just right, but the couple was surrounded on all sides with reminders of the great family they were now an even greater part of.

While many brides are busy and stressed on their wedding day, Eleanor said that it was a happy and relaxed blur for her, and that it was just as she wanted it to be.

May the rest of their marriage be described as just that as well.

Photographer – Casey Photography

Church Ceremony – Killaloe, County Clare

Reception Venue – The Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe

Gown – Justin Alexander dress, bought in Amore Mio, Killaloe

Band – Escapade

Car – Heritage Wedding Cars in Adare

Suits – Esquire, Limerick

Make-up – Susan Robinson from J’Adore in Killaloe

Hair – Veronica Collins from Amber Cool, Castletroy

Flowers – Steve from Killaloe Flowers

Cake – Fairy Queen in Shannon

Honeymoon- New York

Magician – Gerard Kearney

Clare Wedding Photography Locations, Two Mile Gate, Lough Derg,